Leyard Held a Global Conference about the Black Diamond Series


On June 30, Leyard Group held a global press conference on the theme of "Micro LED Enters Universal Display and Welcomes the Coming of the Semiconductor Era", and officially released the Black Diamond series.


The series apply the most advanced Micro LED display technology with pixel pitch from 0.9mm to 1.8mm and  Micro LED displays with N in1 common cathode and below 1.0mm.

At the same time, it adopts the most advanced flip-chip and packaging technology, which has the following advantages: high stability, high reliability (without permanent light strip), the contrast ratio is increased by 3 times, the brightness is increased by 1.5 times, and low consumption, cost-effective (close to the price of gold wire lights),etc.


The price of this series of 4K Micro LED TVs over 100 inches is as low as 500,000 yuan, laying a solid foundation for entering the consumer market.


Replaced 80% of indoor fine-pitch products in the bussiness market.

Entering the era of Micro LED universal display.

It is predicted that the global market of Micro LED will exceed 10.5 billion US dollars in 2027.In the past two years, with the joint efforts of leading domestic and foreign companies such as Leyard, Epistar, Samsung, TCL, etc., various difficulties in Micro LED technology have been overcome, and market attention has been continuously increased.


Due to the difficulty of display technology, price, supply chain and other factors, the market share of LED display below pitch1.0mm is less than 7%, while pitch from1.0mm to 2.0mm close to 80%, which means considerable market potential. 

Leyard has always been an industry pioneer. From the independent research  of the first LED true color displays in 1998, to the original  named fine-pitch LED display technology in 2010, and the first to promote the technology in 2020, Leyard has always broken through the application boundaries with innovation.

The full flip-chip semiconductor process is widely used in fine-pitch LED displays with pitch from 0.9mm to 1.8mm, which greatly reduces the cost. And it replaced 80% of indoor fine-pitch products in the bussiness market.


As a Micro LED pioneer, Leyard fully fulfills its responsibility.It took only 3 years for Leyard to realize the industrialization, scale and commercialization of Micro LED display.

Having a technical foundation and cost advantage for entering the consumer market.

The coming of the Semiconductor Era.

The Micro LED technology released by Leyard this time has been upgraded again, setting a new competitive benchmark.


Improvement of Mass transfer technology. Leyard's Micro LED chip application technology has matured, shrinking from 89*150μm to 75*125μm.The substrateless Micro LED chip application technology based on the semiconductor process has achieved small batch production.At the same time, the mass transfer yield of PCB substrates has increased to 99.995%, and the semiconductor-level transfer yield has reached 99.999%.

ASIC and driver IC are jointly developed and mass-produced. The whole series of Micro LED displays (pixel pitch is from 0.4 to 1.8) are equipped with ASIC control chip and common cathode driver chip.Taking P1.2 as an example ,its brightness is increased by 1.5 times,  the power consumption reduced by 40% and contrast increased by 3 times.


Breakthrough in quantum dot technology. The quantum dot technology has been initially completed, avoiding the blue light problem, and the color purity of red quantum dots is higher than 99.7%.

Process technology is greatly improved.Leyard's Ideal structure greatly improves the contrast, increases the light-emitting angle, and consistency is high when the product is static.

Capacity doubled and avoiding price war. In 2021, the production capacity of Micro LED will reach 800kk/month, and it is planned to double the production capacity in 2023 to achieve 1600kk/month. In addition, Leyard has started the reserve layout of the Micro LED industry chain, breaking through technology and achieving low cost.

Leyard successfully overcomes the cost bottleneck of mass transfer technology for products below pitch 1.0mm. The Micro LED display are applied from high-end applications to the inclusive market. COG, POG and MiP products will also be released.