Vice President of Leyard Delivered a Speech at the Seminar


On May 24,TrendForce New Display Industry Seminar was held in Shenzhen. About 800 enterprise representatives from the new display industry attended the meeting. Lu Changjun, Vice President of Leyard Group and Dean of Intelligent Display Research Institute, was invited to participate, and discussed the development direction of the new display industry with experts and scholars.


Vice President Lu delivered a speech on "Micro LED Display Technology Trends", which covered Micro LED display technology analysis, development trends, and application scenarios. He said that Micro LED display products continue to stimulate new markets, and the application prospects will be broader.


The following is part of the speech:

Micro LED is thinner and lighter, and also has the advantages of high brightness and low power consumption, so it has attracted the attention of the display industry. From the perspective of application development, the development of Micro LED display applications go through three stages. The first stage is the application of high-resolution large-scale commercial displays, the second is commercial scenarios in smaller spaces, and the third expand to multiple application fields such as vehicle and AR/VR. And Micro LED will be used in consumer electronics fields such as mobile phones and tablets.


At present, LED epitaxy quality, Micro LED chip efficiency and edge leakage, substrate peeling, chip yield and other issues affect the large-scale application of Micro LED. However, in the long run, due to the various advantages brought by thinning, Micro LED will definitely develop in a smaller size and without a substrate.

At the same time, the development of Micro LED's mass transfer technology, inspection and repair technology, and optical/surface treatment technology also affects the application of Micro LED. Leyard has developed two technologies, that are mass transfer1 and mass transfer2,to deal with the massive transfer of LEDs and PCBs to substrateless LEDs and glass substrates;in terms of processing and optics, A, B, and C MODE have been developed for different application needs. Leyard also has developed a driver chip that reduces power consumption and temperature.


In 2021, Leyard released standard 2K Micro LED display products from 40 inches to 81 inches, and developed large-size LED TVs from 108 inches to 216 inches. The ultimate image quality, stability, reliability and form diversification of products will be the development direction of Leyard Micro LED display.


From the development of the first true color LED display in China to the world's first high-definition LED fine-pitch TV, Leyard continues to break through technical barriers.