Leyard's Three Products Won Red Dot Design Award


Recently, the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award list has been announced. Leyard's TX-Micro series, TVS series and HKS series LED display won the Red Dot Design Award, which is known as the "Oscar" in the design industry.


The Red Dot Design Award was founded by the German Design Association, with over 60 years' history. The award, together with the German IF Award and the American IDEA Award, is regarded as the world's three major design awards. The Red Dot Award attracts nearly 10,000 works from more than 60 countries to participate in the competition every year. With extremely strict selection criteria, only products that are recognized as having international creativity and design win this honor. As such, Leyard's award-winning products were a testament to its world-leading technology and innovative design. 

[ 01 ] The Fusion of Artistic Aesthetics and Industrial Design 

The TX-Micro series adopt the latest Micro LED technology, it can easily meet 2K,4K,8K display needs. With only 0.6mm pixel pitch, the visual impact is stronger. At the same time, TX-Micro series are environmentally friendly with lower power consumption.


The TX-Micro series adopt Leyard's original adjustment mechanism, which can adjust the gap between cabinets with a hexagonal wrench, and improve display effect. The hidden button cover design combines function and shape to ensure the integrity of the cabinet, which has unique industrial aesthetic characteristics.

[ 02 ] Ingenious Design and Intelligent "Art"

TVS series fine-pitch LED display use full die-casting aluminum cabinets. Meanwhile, the lines are stunningly smooth and beautiful. 


The TVS series come with 5000:1 high-contrast and HDR ready. What's more, the 16bit+9bit processing mode displays more dynamic range and image details. 


[ 03 ]  The Promotion of Green Development with Technological Innovation 

With its main panel made of high-strength plastic, HKS series are widely used in conferences, retail, studios and other scenes. On the basis of fully meeting the needs of appearance design, it extends 

the service life and reduces the frequency of iterations, which truly promote green development.


The HKS series form a complete geometric pattern after assembly, which is extremely delicate. Frosted surface and fine etching lines render its appearance exquisite. The triangular visual center of each form its own unique brand characteristics.


Repeatedly winning international design awards is an affirmation of Leyard's innovation. Leyard will always focus on technological innovation, devote itself to creating industry benchmarks of great significance, and continue to lead the trend of industrial technology.