Leyard Innovations in AI Display + Art Fusion at InfoComm China


Leyard Innovations in AI Display + Art Fusion at InfoComm China

From April 17th to 19th, the beacon of innovation in the professional audiovisual industry—Beijing InfoComm China 2024 was grandly held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Leyard showcased its pioneering "AI Display + Art Fusion," creating a novel space of visuals, introducing groundbreaking technological advancements to the industry, and fully demonstrating Leyard's profound capabilities in visual effects, captivating attendees once again.


Advancements in Display Technology, Comprehensive Product Applications, Meeting the Demands of Market Evolution

This year, Leyard presented an array of cutting-edge products, innovative technologies, and versatile solutions, including self-developed energy-saving chips, quantum dot COB all-in-one machines, Micro LED micro displays, Micro LED transparent screens, MIP “cold screens,” and the LeadView smart comprehensive service platform. These offerings underscored the company's leadership in technology, products, and application domains.

  • Core Competitiveness with the New Generation Energy-saving Drive IC

The new chip features a custom constant current design, combining 55nm process and BGA324 packaging technology for chip-level redundancy; it offers 18bit+10bit grayscale processing for unparalleled image display precision and color depth; it achieves EMC Class B level, significantly reducing electromagnetic interference and ensuring high stability and reliability. In energy efficiency, it consumes three times less energy than conventional products while maintaining lower temperature rise. Especially notable is its performance when combined with the P0.7 Micro LED cabinet, where it demonstrates exceptional energy efficiency and thermal management, alongside peak brightness and high refresh rates, delivering an ultimate visual experience.

  • Breakthrough Application of Nobel Prize Technology in Quantum Dot COB All-in-One Display

In April 2023, Leyard and its partner Saphlux, Inc. launched the world's first 4K 162-inch QLED direct display large screen, incorporating Nobel Prize-winning quantum dot technology into next-generation displays and achieving commercialization of in-situ encapsulation quantum dot chip (QD in chip) technology, a first in the industry. Leyard's new quantum dot display product—the Quantum Dot COB All-in-One Display—features quantum dot red light chips for superior color purity, consistency, and viewing angles.



  • Micro LED Technology Enhancement and Application Expansion

> Micro LED Displays: Leyard's exploration of display technology and product applications is relentless. This year, Leyard, in collaboration with its partner Saphlux, Inc., showcased the industry-leading full-color mLED micro displays and monochrome (green) mLED micro displays. Among these, the 0.12-inch monochrome green micro display boasts a resolution of 640*480, a pixel density of 6667ppi, and a maximum brightness of up to 3 million nits, now fully transitioned into mass production. The 0.39-inch full-color mLED micro display utilizes Saphlux's proprietary NPQD® technology, with a resolution of 512*384 and a pixel density of 1693ppi. The upcoming T3 version of the mLED full-color micro display, based on this product, will feature a brightness of up to 500,000 nits and cover the DCI-P3 color gamut, offering excellent mass production capabilities. It serves as a cost-effective alternative to the expensive three-chip combination solutions, paving the way for AR glasses towards market maturity and providing users with an unparalleled experience.


> Micro LED Transparent Screens: The most eye-catching products on-site were two Micro LED transparent screens—among them, the 17.3-inch Micro LED transparent screen with a pitch of just 0.3, represents a significant technological breakthrough, pushing the manufacturing technology of Micro LED to a new level. This product features a peak brightness of up to 3000nit, a viewing angle greater than 170 degrees, and a DCI-P3 color gamut exceeding 98%. It employs fully inverted, substrate-less Micro LED chips, with chip sizes of only 20*40μm, high luminous efficiency, and a wide emission angle; AM active driving allows for independent control of each sub-pixel, resulting in a flicker-free display, lower driving current, and longer device lifespan.



> Micro LED + MIP—Introducing the New MG Series and MG Cold Screen: Leyard's latest generation of MIP (Micro LED in Package) technology represents a culmination of advanced display technologies. It is a packaging architecture based on Micro LED, utilizing inverted Micro LED chips. Through a semiconductor-level integrated packaging approach, micrometer-level Micro LED inverted chips are solidly transferred to the packaging substrate using mass transfer technology, followed by packaging cutting, testing, and sorting to form integrated pixel discrete devices. The newly exhibited MG series and cold screen products employ Leyard's new generation MIP technology, delivering extreme deep black modules and ultra-high brightness displays, playing a symphony of darkness and light with a brightness of 2500 nits and a contrast ratio of 30000:1. The modules, paired with ultra-low power consumption drive ICs, consume three times less power than SMD at equivalent brightness levels, producing negligible heat after one hour of operation. Moreover, this series of innovations also boasts HDR & 10bit core advantages, enhancing the display effect dramatically upon HDR activation.


  • Soft Power Upgrade—LeadView Smart Comprehensive Service Platform

Beyond leading hardware output, Leyard possesses robust capabilities in digital content production and integrated solutions. The LeadView smart comprehensive service platform, showcased at this exhibition, serves as a comprehensive application management system. It integrates audio and video information publishing, equipment management, and data analysis into a one-stop solution for users.


Merging Technology, Culture, and Art in an Immersive Art Space

Leyard's immersive art space, utilizing synchronized five-screen displays, offered a dreamlike visual feast, allowing attendees to experience the magic of display technology firsthand. The space featured original video content produced by Leyard·Leafun Culture, creating a "Future Realm" that extended the viewing experience beyond the conventional, blending technology, culture, and art in a captivating performance.


"AI + Spatial Computing" Empowering Diverse Scenarios with Technology and Creativity

At the exhibition, Leyard Virtual Point set up 8 OptiTrack spatial data collection cameras. Utilizing spatial computing proprietary software and AI algorithms, the system recognizes and analyzes the body movements of motion capture actors, offering a markerless positioning capture solution that complements traditional optical positioning capture. These innovations, applicable in film, education, industry, and gaming, highlight Leyard's commitment to exploring the frontiers of "AI intelligent display + art fusion" and setting new benchmarks in visual effects technology.



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