Leyard Powers "The Little Prince" Immersive Exhibition Tour in Jiangsu


Leyard Powers "The Little Prince" Immersive Exhibition Tour in Jiangsu

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, "The Little Prince" Immersive Exhibition Tour in Jiangsu recently commenced at Hall 13 of the Nanjing International Expo Center. Leyard has enhanced the immersive experience of the entire exhibition scenario with a suite of multimedia interactive solutions, including LED interactive displays, audio guides, streaming media videos, and projectors.



The year 2024 is a significant milestone, marking not only the 60th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic ties but also the Sino-French Year of Culture and Tourism. "The Little Prince" Exhibition Tour in Jiangsu is a key event in Jiangsu's tribute to this diplomatic milestone. The exhibition is a fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, based on the IP of "The Little Prince", and represents a new frontier in cultural exchange. It is the world's first "The Little Prince" themed cultural and business complex, integrating art exhibitions, cultural tourism performances, commercial celebrations, entertainment and leisure, as well as educational research and study into an immersive exhibition that connects indoor and outdoor experiences.

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Leyard's technology has meticulously recreated six pivotal artistic scenes from the original story, including "The Desert," "Planet B612," "The Universe," "The Rose Garden," "The Wheat Field," and "The Starry Sky." This allows visitors to feel as though they have truly stepped into the world of the book, embarking on an interstellar journey alongside "The Little Prince". The exhibition features ten interactive performance zones, where Leyard's audio-visual products provide a multimedia experience that blurs the line between virtuality and reality, offering an unparalleled immersive experience. Through the use of innovative technology and interdisciplinary art exhibitions, Leyard is fostering a deeper cultural exchange and strengthening the bonds of relationship between China and France.

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