Leyard Served CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 25 Consecutive Years


Leyard Served CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 25 Consecutive Years

Auspicious Loong Presents Fortune, the Spring Festival Gala Brings Blessings. Under the theme of "joyful and auspicious, brimming with happiness," the annual Spring Festival Gala arrives as scheduled. This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and Leyard has once again accompanied the event, providing visual effect display products and service support for 25 years. The event delivered a "Reunion Dinner" that is excellent in thought-provoking, artistry, visually stunning performances, and all enhanced latest technology to the global Chinese community.


Regarded as a global spectacle, the Spring Festival Gala stage is a testament to continuous innovation, where art meets technology in a harmonious blend, and traditional culture collides with modern tech in a passionate display. This year's gala featured several first-time performances, each crafted with distinctive creativity, employing technology to rejuvenate cultural classics and offering a visual banquet that was both radiant and magnificent.


This year's gala saw the innovative adoption of the Virtual Production filming mode, creating an XR+VP ultra-high-definition system that seamlessly merges virtual and real elements. Utilizing new filming techniques such as dynamic shot previsualization and synchronized virtual-real lighting, the system conjured a mesmerizing virtual-real space that appeared both stunning and lifelike. For the first time, an immersive stage interaction system was implemented in the broadcast hall, with a free-viewpoint UHD filming system capturing every nuance of the performers' actions. The integration of AI production and AR real-time rendering provided audiences with a truly immersive visual experience within the scenery.

As a global digital screen & audio-visual culture pioneer, Leyard supplied more than 3,000 sqm of LED display products and visual effects services for the main venue of the Spring Festival Gala and the Kashi branch venue in Xinjiang. These efforts aided CCTV in crafting an intricately beautiful immersive stage experience. The coordinated use of scenic screens and lighting effects transformed the broadcast hall into a stage awash with brilliance and splendor. The artistically rendered loong-shaped stage design vividly brought to life the majestic flight of loong, with hundreds of LED screens enabling dynamic scene transitions throughout the gala.



Embracing multi-screen distribution and panoramic engagement, the Spring Festival Gala catered to the diverse viewing preferences of its audience, allowing them to immerse in the festive spirit of the event from anywhere. The gala was accessible through a multi-platform synchronization that included "hundreds of cities and thousands of screens + overseas thousands of screens + cloud broadcasting." Over 1,000 outdoor UHD large screens in more than 100 cities nationwide, along with over 3,000 public large screens across 34 countries and 70 cities on six continents, broadcasted the event live, promoting the Spring Festival Gala far and wide. Audiences worldwide could enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience in exquisite detail through the 8K outdoor large screens engineered by Leyard. The Spring Festival Gala goes beyond the screen and comes closer to everyone, bringing the festive atmosphere closer and the spring spirit stronger. Truly achieving a global viewing of the Spring Festival Gala on thousands of screens, celebrating the Chinese New Year together.


This year, Leyard once again joined the global Chinese community in transcending spatial and temporal boundaries to welcome a prosperous era marked by the blossoming of spring and the ascent of dragons. Looking ahead, Leyard remains committed to its mission of empowering the nation, advancing industry, and benefiting the public by sharing technological advancements with the world.

*Image source from China Central Television, all rights reserved to CCTV

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