Leyard | the World’s First DCI-certified Micro LED Cinema Screen


Leyard | the World’s First DCI-certified Micro LED Cinema Screen

Recently, Leyard's Micro LED 0.9mm pixel pitch cinema screen (3.8m×2m) has officially passed the DCI certification and became the world's first DCI-certified Micro LED product. Such an achievement laid the foundation of relevant product technologies for Leyard to develop and enter the civilian & home display market.



DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) organization is the current international digital cinema system certification standard. Digital film systems or products without DCI certification can’t be applied or promoted in the cinema market. As early as October 2022, Leyard's LED cinema screen with completely independent intellectual property has obtained DCI certification. Moreover, in November 2019, the LG LED Cinema (p3.3mm, 4K) display jointly developed by Leyard and LG Electronics passed DCI certification.

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▲ Leyard's Micro LED cinema screen was in the process of DCI certification

Leyard's DCI-certified Micro LED cinema screen adopts Micro LED full flip-chip packaging technology, and meets the requirements of the film industry in terms of various optical parameters including color accuracy, contrast ratio and chromaticity uniformity, etc. All-in-one integrated cinema playback system, supporting digital cinema standard format DCP; Through its principle of self-luminous and 100,000hrs lifetime, it brings the audience a better viewing experience and fully meets the higher requirements of the cinema display market.


Leyard's Micro LED cinema screens not only provide audiences with an excellent immersive viewing experience, but also create differentiated and diversified cinema-level display products and solutions: Micro LED cinema screen featuring with modular splicing cabinet design for convenient transportation and installation, its user-friendly design are suitable for various application venues such as home cinema, audio-visual rooms and commercial VIP cinema halls, etc.

Nowadays, Micro LED is the ultimate goal of the development of display technology. In 2016, Leyard began to set up a laboratory for developing Micro LED display technology. By 2020, Leyard released the latest R&D results of Micro LED technology and increased investment to expand the capacity of Micro LED mass production. In 2022, Leyard released a new generation of Micro LED display technology. Now, in 2023, Leyard released the breakthrough progress of Micro LED - MIP display technology, NPQD® R1 series by using quantum dot Micro LED chip, and the world's first 4K QLED display. In the future, Leyard will continue to focus on the innovation of Micro LED technology, vigorously promote the application of Micro LED display products around the world.

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