"AI + Intelligent Display" Leads the Future: Leyard Shines with New Products at InfoComm China Exhibition


On July 19th, 2023, InfoComm China 2023, a pioneering event in the professional audiovisual industry, commenced with great fanfare at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Leyard showcased a range of cutting-edge products, innovative technologies, and multi-scenario solutions, including the Micro LED transparent screen, Micro LED 8K ultra-high-definition display, intelligent LED display terminal, metaverse immersive hall, virtual digital humans, and more. Several new products made their debut, offering an immersive experience and visual impact, fully demonstrating Leyard's profound strength in the visual effects field.

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Micro LED Chips, Substrate-Free, and COG

Micro LED Transparent Screens Leading the New Wave of Display Technology

At this exhibition, Leyard released its heavyweight Micro LED product series, achieving universal display coverage (P0.4-P1.8), including cutting-edge new products such as transparent screens, Black Diamond (MIP) series, COB, and more. Among them, the most significant highlight is the Leyard Micro LED transparent screen (P0.6).

Leyard Micro LED product series, achieving universal display coverage (P0.4-P1.8)

The Micro LED transparent screen features industry-leading technology, including:

Fully inverted substrate-free Micro LED chips: The chip size is only 20*40μm, with high luminous efficiency, large emission angle, and high mass transfer yield.

▲ COG (Glass Base): Compared with COB products, COG products can reduce power consumption by 20% at the same brightness. In addition, the glass substrate material and process characteristics ensure its high stability, high flatness, no risk of lamp drop, and longer service life.

▲ Adopting AM active driving: Compared with the traditional PM driving method, AM active driving can independently control each sub-pixel, resulting in a flicker-free image, lower driving current, and longer device life.

Moreover, the Micro LED transparent screen also features ultra-high brightness (peak brightness of 1500nits), ultra-high transparency (transparency of 60%), high viewing angle (160°-176°), better heat dissipation, lighter and thinner design, higher stability, humidity and oxidation resistance, and a wider range of application scenarios.

Micro LED 8K+MIP: Creating the Ultimate Visual Experience with True-to-Life Imaging

Leyard showcased the next-generation Micro LED 8K (P0.6) ultra-high-definition display product at InfoComm, which uses Micro LED chips, inverted technology, and MIP (Metal-In-Polymer) solderless packaging technology to achieve a high mass transfer of the light-emitting chips, with more significant advantages over COB products:

MIP, as a new packaging technology, solves the problems of low control yield and poor consistency for large-area COB, and has greater competitiveness in terms of performance and cost in areas such as color mixing, high uniformity, and no Mura (brightness non-uniformity) effects. This product is equipped with a large-scale integrated common anode energy-saving constant current source driver chip to reduce energy consumption and improve display performance.

In addition, relying on Leyard's self-developed control system, this product comes with an HDMI2.0 high-definition digital interface, and a single HDMI cable can carry a 4K area load. The two HDMI interfaces serve as backups for each other, fully ensuring the security of data transmission.


This product series can be widely applied in 5G-era indoor conference rooms, control rooms, and big data visualization centers, fully meeting the demand for ultra-high-definition display applications in the micro-spacing era.

Diverse Product Forms Showcase Leyard's Innovative Business in All Directions

At the exhibition site, Leyard showcased immersive reproductions of scenarios such as conferences, education, and digital exhibitions, presenting comprehensive and efficient audio-visual system solutions that are easy to use and collaborate with.

In the field of smart education, the exhibited smart blackboard products combine traditional blackboard writing with intelligent interactive experiences, achieving a range of teaching functions such as wireless projection, video lectures, and whiteboard writing and annotation, helping to create a smart interactive classroom. At the same time, the products have obtained low blue light eye protection certification, fully caring for the health of teachers and students, and building a green, healthy, and intelligent teaching environment.


In the field of smart conferences, Leyard showcased the 122-inch and 135-inch TXP series intelligent LED display terminals, which are the first in the industry to use Micro LED display technology. The series is equipped with Leyard's self-developed main control chip and control system, providing a high-end visual experience and an immersive large-screen experience.


This series of products adopts the "All in One" highly integrated and embedded design, combined with wireless cameras, intelligent podiums, and audio columns, providing high-end conference solutions for integrated crystal chips, audio and video, hardware and software, and cloud services.

Leyard has always actively opened up its hardware platform and collaborated with other companies to create a conference product "ecosystem." As the first and only LED display company in the industry to obtain certification from Tencent Meeting, Huawei Cloud Meeting, and DingTalk Meeting, Leyard partnered with Tencent Meeting and DingTalk Meeting at this exhibition to create a conference room solution, enhancing the overall experience of smart conference collaborations.

In terms of digital exhibitions, through the CAVE virtual reality display system, Leyard created a unique immersive metaverse experience hall with four screens linked together to provide multiple split-screen displays, storylines, and dreamlike visual performances, fully realistic and immersive images, allowing exhibition attendees to experience the metaverse world firsthand.

Not only does Leyard have leading hardware product output, but it also has strong digital content production and integrated solution capabilities. Leveraging its technological capabilities and digital content creativity, Leyard enhances the immersion and experience of exhibition displays, showcasing the latest application achievements of the Group in the field of digital technology integration development.


"AI+Space Computing" Empowers Digital Humans

Perfectly Linking Virtual and Reality with Innovative Technology

Leyard's subsidiary brand, Virtual Point, has brought its latest research and development achievement - AI-based unmarked point motion capture technology. Without the need for any wearable equipment, only a single camera is required to capture the viewer's dynamic information and calculate their motion posture through AI algorithms, achieving real-time driving of digital humans. In addition, motion recognition can also be achieved, triggering cool dances through specified actions and providing viewers with more real-time interactive experiences. This technology has the advantages of fast deployment, low cost, and strong interactivity.

Currently, Virtual Point has matured in various spatial computing technologies such as optical computing, inertial computing, optical-inertial fusion computing, unmarked point recognition computing, and others. It has achieved a wide range of spatial computing scene applications, including limb, gesture, expression, volume area, position relationship, shape and size, among others, for both human and object spatial calculation scenarios. It has formed solutions for nine major industries, including film and television, education, industry, gaming, sports, and culture and the arts, as well as dozens of scenario applications such as virtual shooting, mixed reality shooting, live e-commerce, and sports rehabilitation.

Virtual Point, AR,XR,Mirco led.jpg

In addition, Virtual Point set up eight Optitrack motion capture cameras on-site, using self-developed Motive3.0 software and AI algorithms to recognize and analyze the body movements of motion capture actors, forming skeletal data and transmitting it to the Motionbuilder computational workstation to drive high-fidelity digital human images in real-time. This system presented a series of digital human "shows" for exhibition attendees, attracting many industry experts to stop and discuss.

The digital human driving system is composed of space computing analysis subsystems, finger motion capture subsystems, expression capture subsystems, and digital human subsystems. It has advantages such as high precision, low latency, and anti-occlusion. It can achieve full lifecycle digital human asset production and management, including model creation, motion driving, rendering, and more. It has been widely used in various scenarios, such as gaming, film and television, broadcasting, live streaming, and more.

VirtualPoint, AR,XR,Mirco led.jpg

Leyard has brought a lineup of classic products and solutions, creating a visual feast with technology and creativity, showcasing Leyard's foresight and strong technological accumulation in LED intelligent displays, creative content, AI, and virtual reality fields. In the future, Leyard will continue to promote collaborative innovation in the industry chain, demonstrating the strength of national brands in the field of ultra-high-definition displays worldwide.

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